• Stomp & Holler0:12

  • Waitin For A Train0:08

Video of the Week

  • Flame and Gasoline0:12

  • Waco0:08

  • Nashville0:08

  • Rainout Hangout0:24

  • Granny Gear0:10

So, you heard us play a song....and don't know or can't remember who it was???

Well, tell us as much as you can about the song (don't worry you don't have to call us and sing it....although you could). We'll do our best to help solve the mystery...

E-mail KennyAllenTexasMix@gmail.com with the following information:

Your name and e-mail

Approximate date & time you heard the song

Brief description of the song (i.e. male/female; any partial lyrics)