Kenny Allen
Weekdays 7 - 11am

It's hard to say when I decided to pursue a career in radio. I was always a ham growing up and have been a lifelong songwriter and musician but being a radio personality was never on my radar. I always had an eclectic taste in music but radio never really served my taste. I grew up in Texas poor, barefoot, and far out in the country so Nashville didn't have much to offer my interest. Then I found Texas Country. Bare bones, rowdy, sometimes raunchy, but most of all, it was down to earth music about places I knew too well. I can tell you now I'd never work for a Top 40 big budget radio station. To me, it's Texas or nothin'. I like the down home, loose feel of small town Texas radio. It's not stuffy and no one is going to persecute you for tripping over your tongue now and then. If anything, you'll catch more flack for sounding too polished and professional. No need sounding like a used car salesman here and that's how I like it.